A True Design Concept Is A Wonderous Thing

Where I live there are mostly comfortable large family houses all built within an eight year period in the early 2000s.  It is true to say that there are around 500 houses, set out in little enclaves of 3, each house boasts a double garage and each house is one of a set of 5 different designs.  Not all the same but not differing wildly from either.   The internal decoration from new  fairly bland and all much of a muchness.  Perhaps one or two new owners decided not to by the Claire, honey coloured carpet but go for a different shade.  Perhaps they paid extra to have different colours painted on the walls instead of the very safe Magnolia shade of trade supply emulsion.

There is one absolutely fabulous Art Deco designed house within 20 mile drive of me and it is such a wonderful and inspring place to visit.  Fantastic wall papers, flooring, geometric designs and stained glass windows.  Totally absorbing.