Beauty By Design Brings Out The Best With Art Deco ideas

There is something really special when you visit a home that is finished in the Art Deco style.  The clean lines, geometric and utterly precise lines and blocks of colour.  The Art Deco peruiod was generally between 1908 to around 1935 and many of the houses built at this time would have reflected the odern way of decorating and furnishing.

Glass fronted cabinets with straight lines, pale veneer with matching side tables – the floor coverings ranged from beautifully patterned parquet flooring blocks.  It’s wonderful to be able to take a house from that period now and transform it back to that brilliance.  Fill the rooms with the Art Deco features – do you have a fireplace in any of your rooms? Don’t remove it – make it one of the stand out features.  If there is a colour theme in any of the fixed items such as the fireplace, then pick out one of the shades in your furnishings and trimmings.