Beauty In Art Deco Coming Back Again

Home decorating schemes and interior design go through phases of strong theme every few years.  In the 1980s and 90s there was a definite shift away from the shmultzy chint rose and floral curtains and carpets over to veyr plain.  If thinking of selling our houses, to ensure success we were urged to rermove all personal tastes and decorate throughout with a completely anonymous magnolia palette.  Carpets to be removed in kitchens and bathrooms for sure and hard wooden floors recommended where possible.  In the 1920s there was the very strong Arts and Crafts movement – that has not entirely been swept away because it offered beauty and real style – houses built in the art deco manner are very highly sourght after today and gift sites able to offer the appropriate funishings, crockery and effects are really seeing a resurgance of interest.  The desire for beauty and functionality has never gone far away.