Bringing A New Design Concept Into Play

In the old days, when there were nowhere near as many decorating and house interior design studios about, the main focus on decorating houses were the wallpapers and gloss paint for the skirting boards, and woodwork.  In most average houses, there were no very exciting schemes of decor, everyone went with the general trend of the day – gleaned mostly from the national newspaper advertisements.  That must have been challenging in itself, there were no colour prints around – all the pictures and illustrations of products were ‘black and white’ or sepia.  There were some glamorous magazines available dedicated to the decor and upkeep of country estates for the more affluent households; ideas on current trends were available in those.

Today there are hundreds of sites where ideas flow, take Art Deco for example.  This still excites and inspires young designers – specialist suppliers obtaining original and copies of earlier designs are able to fulfil many a dream decor.