Country Chintz Livened Up With A Little Art Deco

I have a passion for looking at house decorating magazines and there are many more on the market these days.  It is absolute heaven.  I also have the opoortunity to volunteer at a local country house that opens to the public a couple of times a week.  This has opened my eyes to a muh wider range of decorating and furnishing styles over the last couple of centuries.  One of the tenants of this property was in tenure during the late 1920s up to the early 1950s.  She became very famous and is still talked of in hushed reverence.  The english country house style of decorating doesn’t appeal to all but it this house includes some fabulous art deco pieces that may not seem the right choice for what she was aiming at, but have brought a touch of modern edgy feel to rather too much chintzy floral.  Clean and exciting is the name of the game.