From Civil War To Country House Style Elegance

I help out at a heritage property near me.  One of many in a very small geographical area in fact.  There mus have been a great deal of wealth in this quiety part of the country and the powers that be either handed it out themselves for favours and services rendered during a history of civil activitiy or the families were already rich and managed to keep hold of it during the mayhem.  This particular house didn’t really have a rich family owner at any time.  The first lot were middling, they acquired the land in the early 1600 and had a tudor manor bult on 1628, this had much rich farmland attahed and this financed the family.  They then built a palladian style very rectangular place in 1730s and altered the landscape, still retaining the farmland.  The design within the house now is basically as set in the 1930s as the essensce of English Country House style.