From New Starter To Established With Character

When you’re setting up a new home, after your first starter property and now well into making it a proper home, your style tends to change and a different set of values sets in.  I can think here of a young couple very dear to me – they’re about to leave their first purchase and move on up the scale to something grander in style.  So from brand new, tiny starter home, furnished from the very well known scandinavian outlet for budgetary and spacial reasons, they have a chance to put their stamp on a conversion that reflects much of the 1930s style prevalent when that conversion took place.  It has the fantastic parquet flooring;  art deco floor tiles in cream, navy and red, oak doors and some mullioned windows.  So to complement this theme, they are sourcing as much furniture, linens, table ware etc. as they can within a particular era.  This will really be a labour of love!