Great Aunt’s Hotel Yields Art Deco Delights

I recently had the joy of taking an aged relative off for a birthday weekend in a swish hotel in town.  Her family contributed to this enterprise and as I am the most mobile and flexible with time, I offered to oversee the actual visit once they had jointly selected the hotel and itinerary to be followed.  Well, this was actually one of the best favours I’ve carried out for anyone – my goodness they came up trumps with their choice.  The hotel was down a small street away from the noise. Between a couple of mansion blocks of apartments the private hotel was esquisitely styled in the most gorgeous art deco period.  Many items were original and the rest via a very trusted online source.  The curtains and bed linens matched the wallpaper and this geometic patterning was highlighted in the lamps and mirrors.  Parquet flooring seemed so appropriate too.  Absolute luxury throughout.