Jaunt Down Memory Lane Provides Art Deco Delight

I had the good fortune to be staying down in the south with some good pals – they are great ones for going out and about at weekends, seeking out the unusual.   This could include properties to look round, antique and collectors’ fairs, art deco collectors’ exhibitions,  country house sales etc.   It was on one of these jaunts that they had preivously come across an amazing emporium – originally an old coaching inn, of some substantial size and importance in its day.  Several floors and wings of the place now held retro goods of every era, design, description.  They decided to treat me to a trip over there to see for myself.  Well, the number of truly astounding Art Deco items available was incredible.  From lamps in the Rennie Mackintosh style up to complete windows with original lead panes still within.  I bought some very pretty retro crockery for my kitchen – stunningly gorgeous and practical. Still.