Local Art Deco Gem Standing Proud

I have recently visited a really famous house in the east midlands area.  It is situated near an extremely busy road network through a major county town and it’s amazing no damage seems to have befallen it so far.  Being very early for my booked tour time, I was idling outside and realised it sits opposite a rather fabulous 1940s style apartment block which has curved facades, what look like the original curved metal framed windows and gloriously wide oak front doors with fanlights of strict geometric shape in each.

No one I know seems to have any idea whether these apartments are lived in by tenants or have been bought over the years.   If lucky enough to own or rent one of them, it would be critical to me to furnish and accessorise in exactly the right style – there are online sites able to source material to exacting standards – a little bit of art deco heaven!