Look To US Station Artistry For Iconic Style

I have thoroughly enjoyed watching the programme by a certain ex mp, who has now become a reknowned travel writer and racontour.  His programmes are primarily to promote rail travel and having almost exhausted the entire uk rail network, using his trusty old guide from 1890s, he started out on the USA – Amtrak.  Fantastic places and cities – their stations are so much more glamorous than ours and several of them feature the original Art Deco designs from when they were built.  None of this knocking down and replacing beauty with concrete modernistic ugliness. Even their modern styles show flair and absolute beauty for the user.  Many of the ideas are obtainable for the home – catalogues and online sites are able to supply very credible copies of designs from the Art Deco period and the effort to obtain will be worth every penny when your house looks like a mini Grand Cenral Station in NY!