Out With Schmultzy Roses, In With Plain Lines

There are so many great designs for furniture and effects these days.  I rather prefer the sleek modern lines of what we might call minimalist.  No fancy or fussy additions.  On cushions there won’t be any flouncy edges or frill decorations. All the furniture has a distinct squareness to it or geometric leaning.  I have a pal who has tried to inject a modern version of art deco into her most recent foray into decorating.  Gone are her excessively romantic floral ensembles in the bedrooms – rose emblazoned bedding and matching curtains.  Now she has ultra plain grey with yellow binding stripe along each edge and a diamond in same binding in centre as motif.  Very smart and clean lines. The old whitewood bedroom furniture has changed too – now lovely simple oak with a diamond  shaped headboard and lovely neat bedside cabinets.  So understated and elegant.