Personal Treasures & Chic Furniture Items

You can take pleasure in the pursuit as well as the surprise treasures, you can apply or not use the objects as you see fit. But mostly shabby chic lets you make statements about who you are and what you are about. The modern home furniture or modern home decor items that are preferred these days include furniture made of wood or metal, where the wood gives an air of comfort mixed with the looks of elegance and the metal furnishings made to look like antiques are mostly preferred to give the house a royal touch. The best thing about these furnitures preferred in the recent era is the fact that they could look luxuries along with being cost effective at the same time.

The accessories are fairly reasonably priced. You do not have to have matching items, in fact the more unmatched items you have the better the overall picture will look and the more cozy and homey the room will feel when being used. Opt for colors that look faded. Try neutral colors such as grey, antique rose and mustard yellow.

Decorating the interior this way began in Britain. People who owned large country houses decorated their homes using the shabby chic style. Choosing the right mural can help in giving your home interiors a boost. So remember the tips given above and choose a wall mural that best reflects your decorating style.