Searching For That Pre Loved Art Deco

Whilst watching a recent episode of a well known antique and collectibles programme, I wondered how many things are still out there being described as ‘found in local car boot’ or had been tossed in a skip.  With the rise in popularity of all programmes connected with homes, tidying them, redesigning them, unclutterig them, that we would all be heartily sick of the resulting programmes encouraging us to go and seek antiques in our nearest tidy tip!

Take Art Deco designs.  Genuine articles are rarely found in the skip as the sheer beauty makes folk hold on to them, or wait for a better aution sale price.  Ther are sites dedicated to art deco finery – designs that have endured for crockery, lampshades, furniture, carpets etc.  There are fantastic things to be had from sale rooms and privae auctions, as well as online sites which display their wares most effectively.  I have found some genuine articles and treasure them dearly.