Symphathetic Buyer Needed To Retain Character

I have been watching a particular property near me that went on the open sale market some weeks ago.  It’s definitely of the 1920’s era, as it’s in a row of ten or twelve set back off a now very busy trunk road.  All the others have been thoroughly remodelled, modernised, transformed into palaces of glittering delights by the various different owners over the years – almost a century in fact.  But this one bungalow has apparently remained within the same family that originally bought it for £122 pounds in 1922.

This point alone makes it noteworthy in the grand scheme of things, but also the fact that the windows and doors throughout are the original – square bayed, lead paned and utterly gorgeous.  Obviously some updating will be required now, but let us hope the new owners will look with sympathy at the current features and decide to retain the character so sadly lacking in the others that surround it!