The Delight Of An Art Deco Scheme For Real

One of the abiding memories from my youth is having visited a particularly fine example of a 1920s style house in a rather lovely part of southern England, well it’s just ouside the greater London environs if truth be known.  The family that lived there were very kind and thoughtful, they always seemed to do things ‘properly’ and it was a great joy to be invited over for the twice yearly cup of tea and scone kind of ‘do’.

No only was the family very kind at that house, but they had exactly the right kind of china tea set and matching table linens.  I don’t tink I appreciated the fact that their whole house was built in the art deco design and now I can really appreciate the pride they felt when all visitors managed supress the urge to touch the walls and windows but did at least manage to gasp with delight ath their surroundings, however brief.