The Shabby Chic Of A Paradise Isle

I was travelling around on my recent hot holidays with a chum who wanted to give me a guided tour of her locality.  I am not in any way familiar with the mountain region in the mediterranean isles and this came as a great surprise and delight.  One house was so spectacular – it was built in 1931 by an eccentric English writer – I can’t recall the name sadly.  What she lacked in talent as an author, she made up for with the most fantastic Art Deco designed bungalow.  In fact she had taken over an old village house and gradually transformed it room by room into an art deco paradise with fabulous hand painted stained glass windows in each room and down the door panels.  The kitchenware was of the period too with geometric handles on cups and teapots etc.  She made her living now by impoorting and reistributing these very articles from her home.  Absolutely fantastic.