Visiting An Art Deco Building Opens Eyes And Imaginations

There are hundrds of books published out there on varius architectural styles and trends.  From the very beginning of stone age settlements, iron age forts, industrial revolution village settings, large 1920s designed houses and hotels, someone has written a book on it!  And very useful most of them are too.  Interesting, informative, but not always very exciting or imigination prodding.  The best way to really take on board a particular style, trend or other clearly defined design concept is to visit an example of the one taking the current interest.

In Northampotn for example is the absolutely fantastic 78 Derngate which is run by the Rennie Mackintosh Trust and is the only house outside his beloved Glasgow known defintely to have its interior designed entirely by him.  The ideas flowing through each room seem so elegant and exsquisitly simple.  A visit to this amazing ‘museum’ will defiintely trigger a delight for all things connected with that era.