When Art Deco Was Still The New Idea

There are some really beautiful old houses in my nec of the woods.  The styles are very varied, with it being a very industrial area historically.  However, before the heady days of full employment of the masses in the shoe and leather industries, there was a more gentile setting for some of the grand houses.  In the property and lands ‘bible’ the Doomsday book, most of the villages and towns mentioned here had dealings with the wool staple at Calais and many of the gentry acquired their estates and land from then.

In the early 1920s onwards, there was a movement away from the ordinary by some well heeled families and fantastic art deco and arts and crafts designs were incorporated into a few of the more spacious and attractive abodes.  To continue that line of beauty is easier today than before with some fantastic online sites dedicated to art deco in all its forms.